Mikulski Serves Special InterestsWhile attending a meeting...


November 01, 1992

Mikulski Serves Special Interests

While attending a meeting recently, Alan Keyes' name came up again, as well as the old media criticism of him because he is using campaign contributions for his living expenses.

Long before I heard his explanation, I had understood his problem. I do not regret that I contributed to his campaign -- twice, as a matter of fact.

He is not a wealthy man. His living expenses still continue. He does not have the overwhelming PAC and special interest money enjoyed by his opponent.

Barbara Mikulski's salary -- paid by the taxpayer -- still continues.

Alan Keyes gave up a very good job to run for the Senate.

Barbara Mikulski's voting record on "pork" and waste legislation is a strong indication that she is responding to interests other than those of the taxpayer.

According to Citizens Against Government Waste, her voting record is horrible. During her career, her score is 19.28 percent for the taxpayer and 80.72 percent against. She consistently votes to spend your money wastefully.

She still votes for honey price supports, votes against the line-item veto, votes for adult and adolescent sex surveys, votes against the balanced-budget amendment, votes against reductions in funding for the Rural Electric Administration, even though their objective is over 98 percent complete. . . . Think about it. If you were fully qualified, and wanted to run for office, where would you get the needed money? Are you saying that only the Ross Perots of the country can run for office? Are you saying that only those in office can generate various funding sources to keep them in office?

I suggest that the problem is not how the funds are used. The real problem is Barbara Mikulski -- and we can do something about that.

Fred C. Lange

White Hall

One Vote Counts

Many times people use as an excuse for not voting the argument that one vote doesn't make a difference. However, history should remind the potential voter that the margin of a single vote has been responsible for many of the decisions, victories, defeats and disappointments of history.

Thomas Jefferson was elected president by one vote in the electoral college. So was John Quincy Adams. Rutherford B. Hayes was elected president by one vote. His election was contested; referred to an electoral commission, the matter was again decided by a single vote. The man who had cast the deciding vote for President Hayes was himself elected to Congress by a margin of one vote.

Marcus Morton was elected governor of Massachusetts by one vote. Countless mayors, legislators, councilmen, and other public officials have enjoyed the sweet taste of victory or bitter defeat by one vote. . . . Another frequently heard argument is that someone does not like or is not interested in politics and government. Voters must keep in mind the words of Sen. Sam J. Ervin:

"If men and women of capacity refuse to take part in politics and government, they condemn themselves, as well as the people, to the punishment of living under bad government."

I encourage all to vote Nov. 3. One person can make a difference between good government and bad government.

David W. Shrodes

Bel Air

The writer chairs the Harford Democratic Central Committee.

Ambulance Club

During November, the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company will be conducting its yearly Ambulance Club renewal and open enrollment for new members. Membership in the ambulance club entitles the member and their family to emergency ambulance service to local hospitals without charge. It will also provide the funds to support our most sophisticated coronary care and advanced life support systems which are operational 24 hours daily. Already this year, emergency crews have responded to over 1,700 medical emergencies and it is anticipated this number will exceed 2,200 by the end of the year.

One hundred percent of the $15 membership fee is used to provide equipment and supplies needed by the unpaid volunteers who give up their time for business, home and family to train and render professional emergency medical services -- often at night, in bad weather and at personal risk.

The Ambulance Club membership drive is held separately from the Annual Fund Drive. The Annual Fund Drive, which is held in March, is needed to maintain our two fire stations and necessary emergency equipment. Membership in the Ambulance Club is strictly voluntary. Emergency Medical Services will not be denied to anyone, regardless of membership or ability to support the cost.

Membership information is being mailed to those citizens who reside in areas protected by the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company. Those who live in this area and do not receive a notice in the mail by Nov. 15 and wishing additional information can contact Thomas Zecha at 838-5151.

Edward Hopkins

Bel Air

The writer is 2nd Assistant Chief of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company.

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