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November 01, 1992

McMillen's Help

I have been a resident of the Point Pleasant waterfront community all my life and have lived near a polluted creek for 12 of those years. It was a godsend to our Marley Neck area to have Congressman Tom McMillen and U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski help the Coast Guard get funding, not only from the government, but from private industries, to share the burden of financing a wastewater sewage facility.

Before that, the waste discharge was going into our creeks. Not only were they able to improve our environment, they did so without costing us jobs. With their help, the Coast Guard yard that was marked for closure is open today, saving 600 jobs.

Tom also led the fight against oil drilling in Chesapeake Bay. What a disaster it would have been for Maryland waterways had this drilling been allowed in our bay.

Years ago, when Tom campaigned in Anne Arundel, he visited all areas of the county. He listened, he heard our concerns, he got elected and did not forget us. He went to Washington and brought home to Maryland results.

We now must share him with the Eastern Shore. If anyone can represent an area as large as the 1st Congressional District, and do it with the same vigor he represented the 4th District, it is Tom McMillen.

Joan Valenti

Glen Burnie

Arundel's Gain

As a resident of Harford County, I regret that I will soon be losing Congressman Wayne Gilchrest as my representative because of redistricting.

When environmental problems arose in my town from a local landfill site with potential ground water contamination, Congressman Gilchrest provided critical help. Of all the local, state and federal officials contacted, he was the first elected official to respond. Within weeks, Congressman Gilchrest and his staff came from Washington to meet with myself and other neighbors. His actions and support were and continue to be instrumental in helping obtain responsive government action.

Congressman Gilchrest's actions demonstrated that he is one of those rare public servants who is committed to listening to the voice of the people.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Wayne Gilchrest is the real thing. He is an independent thinker who is not led by strict party politics. He is refreshing in his unusual balanced support to both business and the environment. As a small-business owner, environmentalist and primarily liberal Democrat, I find it ironic that I would be investing energy to encourage citizens to vote for a Republican candidate. But Wayne Gilchrest has earned my support and trust.

Harford County's loss will be Anne Arundel's gain. I encourage you to give this man serious consideration.

Jan Stinchcomb

Abingdon, Md.

Public Servants?

The editorial in your Oct. 22 issue, "Vote Against the Tax Cap," sounds like nothing so much as misdirected comments. Our outrageous and confiscatory legal real estate tax load has ballooned to 41 percent of the county budget this past year.

During the late, unlamented and profligate Lighthizer years, we found ourselves paying for county credit cards, two car phones in the county executive's vehicle, $32,000 galas at the Maryland Association of Counties conventions in Ocean City, $150,000 or more for publication of "The Lighthizer Years, 1982-1990, Achievement Through Strategic Planning" and $10 million to bail out a developer by buying the palace on Riva Road.

All of this, and more, was fueled by taxes on our homes. When Robert Neall became county executive, there was hope that things would improve, since he at least had the mentality of an accountant. But nothing has changed. The property tax, coupled with continuously rising assessments, pressures county homeowners. There is no change in a system that badly needs it.

County taxes should be income-related, not principal residence-related.

The 4.5 percent tax cap is an idea whose time has come.

Stuart G. Morris

St. Margaret's

Corrupt? Ignoble?

As I understand the [term limit] issue, a self-appointed group under the title of Anne Arundel Taxpayers Association has, through its spokesman, stated, "We have . . . a group of people . . . in government . . . as corrupt and ignoble as any group of rulers in history."

Really? This includes the proposed victims of Question C on the Nov. 3 ballot. Who are these people who are "worse" than Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Genghis Khan? Well, they are Virginia Clagett, Maureen Lamb and David Boschert.

Get off it. Question C will remove these people from office for the simple crime of winning too many elections. There is a recall procedure. Does the self-appointed group choose to use this route? No, that group chooses to label people who the citizens of Anne Arundel County have sent multiple times to elected positions in the County Council as "ignoble" and "corrupt."

What can we do? Vote "for" on Question B and "against" Question C.

The council put Question B on the ballot so that citizens could vote for a limit of three consecutive four-year terms for future members of the council. Question B is fair in that it does not penalize members for being favored by their constituents, but Question C is a disgrace. And the proponents of Question C (in their literature) make clear that we need to spend more money on education here in the county.

Malcolm H. Liggett

North Beach Park

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