Pasadena's 'Lost' PeopleI would like to respond to your...


November 01, 1992

Pasadena's 'Lost' People

I would like to respond to your editorial of Oct. 12 entitled, "The Lost People of Pasadena." As a candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District, I must refute the suggestion that I have little interest in Pasadena.

In fact, I have spent a great deal of time in the northern Anne Arundel area trying to get to know the people and showing Pasadena that I am dedicated to working for them. My father lives . . . just outside the 2nd District, and I would never neglect the people who live nearby. . . .

Mrs. Bentley's image as an advocate for the Port of Baltimore and other blue-collar industries doesn't support the reality. As The Sun editors pointed out in their Oct. 3 editorial, "Mrs Bentley's tenure has seen a decline of blue-collar jobs in the steel mills and the port, and the white-collar work force is shrinking even faster." Similarly, the cargo tonnage at the port has declined in the last three years . . .

My first priority is to put people back to work, and this commitment includes every single person in the Pasadena area of my district. To suggest otherwise is simply incorrect.

Michael C. Hickey Jr.

Abingdon, Md.

The writer is the Democratic candidate for the 2nd Congressional District.

McMillen's Record

I think we have a great congressman in Tom McMillen, who represents everyone in Anne Arundel County . . .

He has certainly made me, a mother of two small children, feel a lot safer. He has been a leader in Congress to find new ways to reduce noise levels at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. He has secured funding for new research programs in noise abatement.

He has also gotten federal grants for Anne Arundel County schools to install sound proofing, and forced the Federal Aviation Administration to help airlines phase out noisier aircrafts.

. . . By his voting record, we can count on McMillen to do what he promises and that is why I will cast my vote for Tom on Nov. 3.

Deborah J. McCauley


Sierra's Error

I have been a North County community leader and a statewide environmentalist for 20 years. I helped found the Maryland Waste Coalition and I am a member of the Sierra Club, as well as other environmental groups. I am also the chaplain and past commander of Post 277 of the American Legion.

I can honestly say Congressman Tom McMillen has been head and shoulders above any congressman we ever had in Anne Arundel County. . . . I am a senior of 79 years and I hope to have a few more years left in this world, and thanks to Tom's work to protect what money we get in Social Security, I and others like me will be able to exist on our fixed incomes without going on welfare . . .

Lou Bellinger


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