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November 01, 1992

M. LYNN RILL of Hampstead has been chairman of the Carroll County Student Grant Program Volunteer Committee since 1991. For eight years, the program has matched county students with area businesses that have helped provide an education in the liberal arts and sciences at Western Maryland College. With the aid of nearly 100 county businesses, the college raised $55,000 for 125 students in the past year. Through the firms' support, the college gives each Carroll student a $1,500 renewable grant, applied directly to tuition costs.

Organization's comments: "Lynn Rill is a good example of the give-and-take attitude the program stands for," said Richard Seaman, spokesman for the college. "He's a Carroll County native who saw the advantage of attending college right here on 'the Hill,' then gave back to his community by building a very successful career and family in the county. Lynn has helped his alma mater enormously by chairing the committee."

Volunteer's comments: "I can't think of a better way to keep Carroll County a vital and growing place to live and work than through Western Maryland's grant program for local students. Everybody benefits -- the students and families who find Western Maryland an even more affordable place to receive a liberal education, and the businesses, who invest in a solid, well-educated work force. It's this kind of partnership between commercial interests and a local institution that keeps our communities strong and looking forward to the future. I'm happy to give my time to this project, because Carroll County's best resource is its students."

Background: Mr. Rill, 30, is a graduate of North Carroll High and a member of the Class of 1983 at Western Maryland College. He is vice president of real estate lending at Carroll County Bank and Trust. He lives in Hampstead with his wife, Joanne, and their three children.

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