A 6th District wrap-up

November 01, 1992|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

With Election Day almost here, 6th District Congressional candidate Thomas H. Hattery tried to "wrap up" the issues for voters Friday.

Mr. Hattery, a Democratic state delegate from Frederick County, stressed four major issues and said voters have a clear choice between candidates in this race. His opponent is Republican Roscoe G. Bartlett, a former teacher, home builder and developer who is also from Frederick.

The campaign has been a bitter, negative one with both candidates firing charges and accusations at the other.

Mr. Hattery spoke briefly Friday at the Carroll Democratic Headquarters on Main Street in Westminster.

He said his major goals include creating new jobs, improving the economy, making health care more affordable and strengthening the educational system.

"I believe we can change Congress and make it work for the average middle-class citizen again," Mr. Hattery said.

If he is elected, he said, he plans to appoint a "job czar" -- an economic coordinator -- to his staff to help local small- and medium-sized businesses "cut through red tape."

To help rejuvenate the economy in the short run, Mr. Hattery advocates spending money on public works and infrastructure projects. In the long run, tax cuts, venture capital funds and research and development investments will help, he said.

"On health care, I think we need to use the power of government to reduce the cost of health care," Mr. Hattery said.

He also advocates cutting waste in the present system by using uniform claims forms and would like government to "crack down" on pharmaceutical companies that charge high prices for drugs.

Congress must have a strong commitment to education so American students are competitive with students worldwide, he said.

Jim Lafferty, a spokesman for Mr. Bartlett, said the Republican candidate attended a rally Friday in Frederick, where he also is working to sum up his campaign for voters.

Mr. Bartlett's top priority, if he is elected, will be helping stabilize the economy and creating new jobs, especially in Western Maryland, Mr. Lafferty said.

The Republican also favors tax cuts, Mr. Lafferty said, the elimination of unnecessary government regulation and limits on civil litigation.

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