FOR Question 6

November 01, 1992

Voters who want to keep abortion safe and accessible even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade should vote FOR Question 6. Otherwise, Maryland could revert to a 1968 law that restricts abortions to hospitals and requires women to obtain the permission of a hospital review board.

Question 6 assures women access to abortion early in pregnancy, but imposes severe restrictions after a fetus has reached viability. It also gives the state a parental notification requirement, along with a bypass procedure required by the Supreme Court. Currently, the state has no enforceable parental notification law for minors seeking abortions. The law also gives the state health department power -- which it does not currently have -- to regulate abortion clinics.

Opponents of legalized abortion have tried to confuse the issues, but voters who want to keep abortion safe, legal and accessible in Maryland should vote FOR Question 6.

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