Around the house* Make a quick Halloween "scarecrow...


October 31, 1992|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Make a quick Halloween "scarecrow." Stuff an old shirt and jeans with crumpled newspapers. Use gloves for hands and boots for feet. A real pumpkin or a plastic one makes a great head; top with an outrageous hat and place beside your front door.

* Vacuum under refrigerator once a month. Dusty condenser coils can cause the appliance to malfunction. A more thorough blowing out needs to be done once a year by a service person.

* Remove candle wax from wood finishes. Soften wax by aiming warm air from a hair dryer toward the spot; wipe off with paper towels. Residue should be removed with a soft rag that has been hTC dipped into a solution of vinegar and water. Dry immediately.

* Use a baster to carefully remove excess grease from a frying pan as you are browning meats. This will avoid handling a heavy pan to pour off liquids.

* Store cookie dough in 8-ounce juice cans that have bottom and tops cut out. Wrap with foil before putting in freezer or refrigerator. When ready to bake, simply press bottom to squeeze out dough from the top. Slice cookie roll and bake.

* Make bread crumbs neatly. Place pieces of stale bread in a sealed plastic sandwich bag; crumble with a rolling pin.

In the garden

* When collecting seeds for next year's garden, place on blotters. This will absorb excess moisture and will avoid the formation of mold.

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