New middle school to get library, technical center NORTHWEST

October 30, 1992

The Board of Education approved plans for the New Windsor Middle School yesterday that include a library built around a courtyard and a technology center that will be the 1990s answer to shop class.

RTC The new school will replace the current school on Green Valley Road, and could be completed as early as January 1995. The projected cost is $8 million for 83,000 square feet.

The technology center, one of the features of the new building, will have desks and computer terminals on which students will get a sampling of robotics, aeronautics, photography and other areas.

Other middle schools will develop similar technology centers as they are updated, said Lester Surber, supervisor of school facilities and planning.

"I'm pleased that New Windsor, which has had the oldest [middle] school for a long time, will now have the most avant-garde," said Carolyn L. Scott, school board member.

The oldest part of the school was built in 1936, with additions in 1959 and 1969.

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