As noted here last week, President...


October 29, 1992

LO, THE POOR INDIAN I: As noted here last week, President Bush came out for the Atlanta Braves in a speech in Norcross, Ga.

He emphasized his support with the famous -- and to many American Indians -- insulting "chop," used by Braves fans (and Florida State University Seminoles fans and some others) to cheer their teams on. The chop is a simulated tomahawking motion done to the sound of an Indian war chant as imagined by Hollywood.

When Bob Boorstin, the Clinton campaign deputy communications director, saw that on television, he ordered photographic prints made of the screen image to be distributed to Native Americans.

But a photo studio asked to do the job refused on the grounds that the picture is copyrighted by NBC and could not be reproduced without permission.

LO, THE POOR INDIAN II: In Marietta, Ga., not far from Norcross, on the Sunday before the president tomahawked in public, the services at the Roswell Street Baptist Church began with the organist playing the Braves' war chant and the choir leading the 4,500 worshipers in chanting and chopping.

THE INDIANS' REVENGE: Since the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series, we can only assume those Baptists angered the Great Spirit.

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