Catboat skipper wins coming and going 3rd annual Harbor Cup perfect for off-wind boat


October 28, 1992|By NANCY NOYES

The third annual Baltimore City Yacht Association race from Baltimore Light to the Inner Harbor, dubbed Harbor Cup this year, drew 86 PHRF racers Saturday for a 23-mile contest in mixed conditions.

The 11-mile Race Back, sponsored by the Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, saw a fleet of 37 PHRFs and two multihulls battle it out in heavy air Sunday.

The only sailor to win in both directions was PHRF Nonspinnaker winner Richard Barton, with his Nonsuch 26 Phat. He said conditions both days were ideal for his boat, the only catboat registered to race on the Chesapeake Bay.

"The boat is designed as an off-wind boat," Barton said. "And it was the luck of the draw that we had two off-wind races -- it was blowing out of the southwest on the way up, and out of the northwest on the way back."

Although there were only two Nonspinnaker starters on Sunday, Saturday's class was a tough one, with 14 starters.

"We played the shifts right on Saturday," Barton said, describing air that was strong at first and died out to light and shifty before coming back in from behind in the Patapsco River. "We followed them and they all worked out for us. We were playing catch-up in the river in the new wind from behind."

Barton described Sunday's heavy-air reach back as "a romp -- the kind of racing that the boat's designed for."

After winning BCYA's inaugural race to Baltimore two years ago and missing it last year, Barton said he enjoyed the weekend, especially because it is the only racing he has found time for this season.

Several of Navy's Offshore Team crews put in strong performances, taking five of the top seven places in PHRF A on Sunday, with thirds earned in PHRF A-1 and A-2 on Saturday by Alex del Castillo's Lively team and Andy Ulak's Fair American crew, respectively. Ulak and his crew also won on Sunday.

BCYA Harbor Race


PHRF A-1 (26 starters): 1) Dancer, Bill Steitz, Pittsburgh, Pa., 3:36:08 c.t.; 2) Moving Violation, Samuel Owings, Annapolis, 3:37:18 c.t.; 3) Lively, Mid. 1/C Alex del Castillo, USNA, 3:38:51 c.t.; 4) Wings, Richard Taylor, Lutherville, 3:40:45 c.t.; 5) Carrot, Ed Cilumbrello, Baltimore, 3:41:00 c.t.; 6) Infringer, Donald Zinn, Annapolis, 3:43:05 c.t.; 7) Flirt, Mid. 1/C Erich Roetz, USNA, 3:44:08 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (16 starters): 1) Windsong, James Powers, Bladensburg, 3:32:53 c.t.; 2) PollyWannaCracka?, Larry Kumins, Annapolis, 3:38:37 c.t.; 3) Fair American, Mid. 1/C Andy Ulak, USNA, 3:38:53 c.t.; 4) Decoy, Mid. 1/C Ken Reilley, USNA, 3:40:17 c.t.; 5) Terrific, Olaf Tom Felde, Annapolis, 3:40:52 c.t.

PHRF B (16 starters): 1) Another Fine Mess, Bremont/Broman, Randallstown, 3:34:43 c.t.; 2) Intuition, Howard Stroterhoff, Baltimore, 3:34:54 c.t.; 3) Ciao, Shep Kaplow, Owings Mills, 3:36:10 c.t.; 4) Vertwo, John and Betty Scott, Towson, 3:38:00 c.t.; 5) Crazy Ivan, Jeffrey Harris, Edgewater, 3:39:33 c.t.

PHRF C (14 starters): 1) Desperado, Frank Courtwright, Columbia, 3:26:30 c.t.; 2) Sure Cure, Craig Decker, Pasadena, 3:27:59 c.t.; 3) Knotbobs, Daniel Miller, Baltimore, 3:29:58 c.t.; 4) Early Bird, Robert Seidel, Bel Air, 3:30:13 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (14 starters): 1) Phat, Dick Barton, Edgewater, 3:50:39 c.t.; 2) Double Dare, (skipper/address unavailable), 3:55:49 c.t.; 3) Witch's Flower, John Sherwood, Annapolis, 3:56:53 c.t.; 4) Mr. Saturday,

(skipper/address unavailable), 3:47:16 c.t.

GIYS Harbor Race Back


PHRF A (21 starters, protest pending): 1) Fair American, Ulak, 0:57:34 c.t.; 2) Good Times, William Schwarz, Randallstown, 0:57:46 c.t.; 3) Flirt, Roetz, 0:58:55 c.t.; 4) Decoy, Reilley, 0:59:47 c.t.; 5) Moving Violation, Owings, 1:00:36 c.t.; 6) Lively, del Castillo, 1:00:58 c.t.; 7) Swift, Mid. 1/C Ara Barton, USNA, 1:01:09 c.t.

PHRF B (6 starters): 1) Ciao, Kaplow, 0:58:08 c.t.; 2) Intuition, Stroterhoff, 0:58:36 c.t.; 3) Vitality, Richard Altman, Baltimore, 0:59:22 c.t.

PHRF C (8 starters): 1) Accomplice, Dennis Rice, Timonium, 0:50:33 c.t.; 2) Sure Cure, Decker, 0:52:44 c.t.; 3) Seascape, J. W. Jacobs, Annapolis, 0:54:04 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (2 starters): 1) Phat, Barton, 0:54:59 c.t.

Multihull (2 starters): 1) Leading Lady, Michael Beaver, New Cumberland, Pa., 1:08:34 c.t.

McMillan Cup Regatta

Using its fleet of Navy 44 sloops, the Naval Academy played host to crews from eight other colleges in the annual McMillan Cup Regatta last weekend.

l The regatta is the national collegiate offshore championship.

With three races on Saturday and two on Sunday, most of which were sailed in strong breeze, the team from Cornell came out on top after extremely close racing.

Observers noted that in several instances at mark roundings, all nine boats were within seconds of each other.

Although the Navy team, led by Mid. 1/C Oliver Vietor, had excelled in the pre-regatta elimination round earlier this month, the Navy team finished fifth in the final.

The Judges Trophy for outstanding seamanship went to sixth-place Dartmouth.

McMillan Cup results

1. Cornell, 12 (2-1-2-2-5); 2. Harvard, 16 (1-3-8-1-3); 3. Brown, 20 (4-2-5-3-6); 4. University of Rhode Island, 26 (5-5-3-9-4); 5. Navy, 27 (6-4-9-6-2); 6. Dartmouth, 28 (10-6-6-5-1); 7. New York Maritime, 32 (8-9-4-4-7); 8. Hobart, 34 (9-8-1-8-8); 9. Massachusetts Maritime, 35 (3-7-7-7-11).

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