9 Good Judges

October 28, 1992

Maryland's appellate level judges continue on the bench with the approval of the voters. So-called "retention elections" allow voters to approve or disapprove of a judge's tenure, but these judges do not run against each other or challengers.

Five judges of the Court of Appeals (the highest level) and four of the Court of Special Appeals (second highest) are on the Nov. 3 ballot in some or all subdivisions. They are Howard Chasanow, Robert L. Karwacki, John C. Eldridge, Lawrence F. Rodowsky and Robert M. Bell (Court of Appeals); and John J. Bishop Jr., Arrie W. Davis, Glenn T. Harrell Jr. and Diana G. Motz (Special Appeals).

All are respected by their peers in the legal profession and deserve to be continued in office. We recommended a "yes" vote in every case.

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