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October 27, 1992

Clinton wants public to buy 'free lunch'

There is no such thing as a free lunch, although Bill Clinton is trying to convince us otherwise.

Mr. Clinton wants us to believe that he can raise taxes and increase government spending on new "Great Society" programs and "pay or play" health insurance schemes without any adverse effect on the economy.

In reality, Mr. Clinton is painting an alluring fantasy, and he is a smart enough man to know it.

Take, for example, Mr. Clinton's proposed "pay or play" health insurance scheme. It all sounds so very well and good until it is pointed out that he wants to finance it with a 7 percent payroll tax increase.

That will increase the cost of employment for employers, insuring that there will be less employees. It will reduce our paychecks, giving us less money to spend on goods and services, which will throw more people out of work.

Mr. Clinton would spend billions more on "social programs" that will take hundreds of dollars annually from each family.

He wants to increase taxes on the middle and upper classes (essentially the majority of working Americans). How many more jobs will be lost?

If government "investment" was to be more beneficial to the economy than private investment, then the spending would have to be more efficient and show a higher rate of return than private investment.

Who believes for a minute that government handles money better than private citizens? Yet Mr. Clinton proposes to take more of our money away from us and instead give it to federal bureaucrats to spend. The result can only be more unemployment.

Beth Singletary


Why not Perot?

When a voter cannot vote for Bill Clinton because of his stand on abortion and cannot vote for President Bush, who is more interested in the world around him than his own country, for whom do you vote?

It is quite obvious that Ross Perot will not win this election, so we can either voice our opposition to the present way our government is run by casting our vote for Mr. Perot, or refrain from voting altogether.

Mr. Perot has to be given some credit. Look at all the money he saved not campaigning in July, August and September. He had to announce his candidacy before that to get his name on the ballot.

Our country is going bankrupt. Our politicians are only interested in their own personal gain and their pet projects, whether or not they're good for the country as a whole.

Our country -- the people, the politicians, the judges -- have to come to grips with the fact that something is either right or wrong; it's black or it's white. It is wrong for people in this rich country to be homeless or hungry. It is wrong for people to forfeit our vast knowledge of medicine because they can't afford a doctor or medication. It is wrong to kill, whether it be abortion or euthanasia.

When criminals have all the rights and victims have none, it's wrong. It is wrong for large companies to discard workers like used paper so they'll have larger profits, as long as they're making a fair profit. Without a strong work force, profits are going to diminish.

It is time the whole country evaluated its standards, values and morals. The Roman Empire crumpled from within, as did the mighty Soviet Union right before our own eyes on TV. Don't be so naive, Americans. It can happen here.

Sheila Smith


Save our city!

I have lived in the Remington community my entire life, except for the three years I was in the United States Army, and have seen it change considerably.

Our community has been no different than most urban communities. We have seen the influx of drugs, crime, housebreaking, etc., and we, frankly, have a number of people who struggle to live on a day to day basis.

My community, along with every community in this city, deserves the right to have safe streets, but we cannot afford to hire our own private security service such as Guilford has.

Does this now mean that the only communities in our city which will be safe will be those communities patrolled by off-duty police who are connected with a private security service?

Wake up, members of our City Council. Wake up, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke. Do you want our city to be a ghost town?

Give us safe streets. Give us proper protection. Give the children of our community hope. Do something, and do it now.

William H. Jones


Pro or con

Putting aside all the rhetoric concerning Question 6 on the November ballot, you come down to one succinct question: "Do you want Roe vs. Wade's provisions in Maryland state law?"

If you do, then you should vote for Question 6 -- this is the pro-choice position. If you don't, then you should vote against Question 6 -- this is the anti-choice position.

Dan Bridgewater


Sad situation

It's a sad situation when Mary Pat Clarke and the City Council don't have anything better to do than worry about the price a willing seller will pay a willing buyer outside the ball park for an Orioles ticket.

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