Name:Janet Shin, 17, of SevernSchool: Fort Meade Senior...


October 26, 1992

Name:Janet Shin, 17, of Severn

School: Fort Meade Senior High School

Accomplishments: A life-long resident of the area, she plays the violin with the school orchestra. A member of the Key Club, the school's new community service group, Janet is active in helping with victims of child abuse, the homeless, and promoting recycling efforts to protect the environment. She belongs to a local church youth group, and attends weekly Bible Study sessions. Janet hopes to study biology in college, with eventual ambitions of either research or medicine as possible career choices.

Comments: "It's a lot of work to follow all my interests and balance them with school work. But I think it's all worth it in the end, because just the pursuit of something that you like leads to a real sense of accomplishment.

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