* Name: Reginald Alston, 17, of Columbia.* School: Wilde...


October 26, 1992

* Name: Reginald Alston, 17, of Columbia.

* School: Wilde Lake High.

* Why Reginald was chosen: He is vice president of the African-American Awareness Club and co-chairman of Howard County's Black Student Achievement Program. He is a member of the Student Government Association, runs indoor and outdoor track and plays wide receiver for the Wilde Cats football team. "He's an outstanding player," said coach Doug Duvall, who cited Reginald's help in winning the state championship last year against Smithsburg. "He's a great kid."

* Reginald's comments: "They need more black males in teaching, especially in middle schools."

* Reginald's goals: He wants to be a middle school history teacher and is taking six history courses at Wilde Lake, including black history and European history. He is considering attending Morgan State University, Delaware State College or the University of Eastern Kentucky.

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