FOR those voters who assume that a Bush defeat would end...


October 26, 1992

FOR those voters who assume that a Bush defeat would end the political career of Vice President Dan Quayle, it's worth noting some recent remarks of his wife, Marilyn.

On ABC's Good Morning America the other day, Mrs. Quayle suggested that her husband shouldn't be counted out for the race for the Republican nomination in 1996.

"From my personal standpoint, I'm not sure that's something I would want, but for the nation, he is so good at finding solutions to problems that I really think he should," she said.

* * *

HOTLINE is the daily report political junkies rely on, especially in election years, for a national roundup of news and views. Last week the report spotted an intriguing difference between the transcript of the second presidential debate published by the New York Times and the version that appeared in the Washington Post.

According to the Times, President Bush said: "This is supposed to be the women's -- the Year of the Women in the Senate; let's see how they do. I hope a lot -- "

The Post, however, quotes the president as saying: "This is supposed to be the year of the women in the Senate. Let's see how they do. I hope a lot of them lose -- "

The president can only hope than voters are more fluent in Bushspeak than people who transcribe debates.

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