In field hockey, Lloyd twins go separate ways While one plays, other keeps score

October 25, 1992|By Katherine Dunn | Katherine Dunn,Staff Writer

Heather Lloyd has only one regret about this field hockey season -- that her twin sister, Melissa, is not playing, too.

For the first time since the Bel Air seniors started playing soccer together in the third grade, Heather is on a team without her sister. For three years, the identical twins played soccer for Bel Air, but both said they decided to leave the team because they weren't having fun.

When Heather decided to join her best friend Susie Samuel on the field hockey team, Melissa opted not to try out.

"I knew it was going to be tough," said Melissa. "With twins, I figured they'd keep both of us or cut both of us. I knew Heather had a better chance if I didn't try out. I knew she wanted it more."

Heather not only made the team, she started even though her only previous experience was in a handful of summer-league games. Samuel was amazed at how quickly her friend picked up the game.

"With field hockey, you really don't think someone could pick it up over the summer," said Samuel, a forward. "I can remember it being hard, but it seemed to come easy for her. She's a natural."

With only two starters returning to the Bobcats, Heather has been awelcome addition. Her speed and field sense have bolstered a defense that was suspect early on. She's helped the Bobcats to a 7-3-1 record and an almost certain regional playoff berth.

At first, Heather wanted to play on the line, but coach Phyllis Hemmes moved her to sweeper.

"I liked her stick on defense," said Hemmes. "And she has good field sense. She knows she doesn't have to rush into moving the ball. It's not all bang bang. You have to catch the ball, get yourself together and make a move. Heather can do that."

Heather admitted that trying out for a team for the first time as a senior intimidated her.

"Bel Air has such a great reputation for field hockey, and I was scared I wouldn't fit into that mold," she said. "I thought I might get some resentment, but I didn't. They turned out to be the most fun, friendliest, closest team."

Samuel said the veteran Bobcats had no problem accepting the newcomer.

"Everyone thought it was neat. They seemed impressed that she was that good," she said. "She's very consistent. Usually she can stop the ball, but if it gets by her, she keeps tackling back and gives everyone time to get back."

Melissa also has been a welcome addition to the Bobcats. She keeps the book during games but admitted she sometimes regrets that she didn't try out, too.

"The thing I miss most is the physical activity," she said. "But they really do make me feel like part of the team."

Both Heather and Melissa want to play college lacrosse, although they want to play for different reasons. Heather is more competitive while Melissa would be just as happy playing for fun.

They want to go to the same college and both have applied to Georgetown. Heather, who carries a 3.71 grade-point average, wants to go into the foreign service. Melissa, with a 3.89, hasn't decided what to study.

Together, they're involved in numerous school activities including the newspaper, The Belarian, and student government.

"A lot of the things we do are similar," said Melissa. "We're involved in the same types of activities, but we influence them differently. Heather is more aggressive. She likes to attack things."

Said Heather: "It's nice having Melissa here [for hockey], because I'm used to it. She was there for soccer and she's there for lacrosse. If I ever get upset, she's there."

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