Name: Arlene Heine, a 15-year resident of Owen...


October 25, 1992

Name: Arlene Heine, a 15-year resident of Owen Brown.

Activities/Hobbies: Mrs. Heine works three days a week and says she enjoys needlepoint and sewing. She has made volunteering her main hobby.

Organization's Comments: Mrs. Heine assists students with ideas for projects in the Gifted and Talented Program at Owen Brown Middle School. She helps with filing, typing, cutting letters and putting up bulletin boards. She also has chaperoned the senior citizens' prom and helps with Arrival Check, a new program where calls are made to parents when children are absent from school.

"Arlene is a parent who gives one full day of help a week to me in the Gifted and Talented program," said Barbara Kleinknech-Hall, resource teacher with the Gifted and Talented program.

"She has a strong belief that it is her responsibility to come into the school. Last year she taught sign language to students who were interested," said Mrs. Kleinknech-Hall.

"She has been here every week since she began volunteering in February. She has just been an outstanding person for the kids to work with because she is so resourceful and is very positive. I have been thrilled with her."

Volunteer's Comments: "I think that I expect a great deal from the teachers and administrators. The school has a right to expect a lot from the home environment. By being involved I have a much better feel for what I can expect from the school system," says Mrs. Heine.

"When you get involved you get a grasp of what is done besides reading, writing and arithmetic. There is much you can do to help our children. Those who complain the most, do the least. I feel very lucky to have my freedom, because I am giving back to the school."

About Mrs. Heine: She is married to Alan, a psychiatrist and has two children, David in the 7th grade and Jill in 12th grade.

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