Inflicting Suffering On Nursing-Home CareMy mother had...


October 25, 1992

Inflicting Suffering On Nursing-Home Care

My mother had brain surgery almost four years ago. While recovering in the hospital, the Social Services department contacted me and said she should be placed in a nursing home.

Because she was a perfectly functioning 82-year-old when she was admitted to the hospital, we thought that she would get better and we decided to take her home. Approximately 16 months later with deteriorating health and now needing total bed care, we as a family made a difficult decision that she did need nursing home care.

Social Services also agreed that she needed placement and could be helped. She went in as a private pay patient until all of her money was gone except for the sums that you are allowed to keep for "funeral expenses." Medical assistance then started contributing to her care with her monthly pensions (a federal pension from my father plus her Social Security) added to it.

I was notified last week by the administrator of her nursing home that due to cuts in medical assistance after Nov. 1, my mother will be evicted from her facility. Because she receives more than $1,055 per month of pension, she will no longer be eligible for the care which she so desperately needs. The most asinine part of this new regulation is that some other medical assisted patient will probably come in to take her place who can contribute less toward their care than she! . . .

Now at age 86, Mom has not been out of bed for over three years. She is the only truly bed-bound person in her home. She is never moved because her skin tears at the slightest pressure and bleeds. She is totally incontinent, almost blind, is fed at times with a feeding syringe due to a choking problem, has severe dementia and is in a fetal position. She needs professional help with feeding, changing and bathing, which we are not trained to do. . . . One needs only to go into these facilities to see these people to know that they are not just case numbers but individuals with special needs and medical treatment. . . . Something must be done now to keep them where they are. It is a disgrace to our government to pick on these old people who have nothing left in their lives but the loving and professional care given to them at these facilities.

Harriet W. Bode


More Shopping? Who Needs It?

Security Management Corp. is proposing to build an over 150,000-square-foot shopping center at the intersection of Route and Brierhill Drive. This center would be similar to Bel Air Plaza in that it would be approximately the same size, "L" shaped in design and anchored by a "major" food chain, with a fast-food restaurant in the forefront.

Other developers attempted to build a large shopping center just up the road at Routes 543 and 22 but were told to downsize the project due to major traffic problems . . .

I don't see how this location, a few hundred yards closer to Bel Air, is any different. My house faces Route 22 and I see daily how horrendous traffic is during rush hour or any special events; cars were backed up into Bel Air when the Big M had its anniversary event recently, a distance of over 4 miles. The state has been quoted as saying that Route 22 will not be widened until late 1995, if funding is even available . . .

The zoning appeal has been rescheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 26 at the court house . . . Although this was advertised, it seems very few residents were made aware of the proposed center. It seems the town of Bel Air was not "officially" notified of this appeal action. Anyone using Route 22 during rush hour, living in the immediate vicinity, or living on Ring Factory and McPhail roads will be affected by this proposed shopping center and should attend the upcoming zoning appeal.

As a resident of Harford County, I can't conceive of why our elected officials are continuing to let shopping centers be built with such a high retail vacancy rate in the county. We don't need nor do we want another shopping center in this area.

John Baranoski

Bel Air

Perot's Principles

Will you vote for one of the good old boys from your favorite party for president?

How many more of your friends, family and neighbors will lose their jobs before you decide to make your voice heard and your vote count?

Washington thinks free trade will cure our ills. It's free all right.

Take a look around you. Bethlehem Steel Corp. at one time employed 30,000 people. Now the mills are almost silent.

The good old boys in Washington vote themselves big raises in the middle of the night and will get $2 million pension and retirement plans. They are also receiving large donations from PACs. Who do you think is getting their attention? . . .

Let's make our government for the people and of the people again. I love my country and I especially do not want any government employee influenced by a foreign lobby.

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