50 Years Ago* Today, the United States Naval Academy...


October 25, 1992|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society

50 Years Ago

* Today, the United States Naval Academy marked its 97th anniversary in a wartime setting. Its first superintendent, Cmdr. Franklin Buchanan, had formally opened the Naval School, as it was originally named, on Oct. 10, 1845, with about 40 midshipmen. The Sun, Oct. 9, 1942.

* NBC broadcast a coast-to-coast Charlie McCarthy radio performance last night from the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Don Ameche was master of ceremonies. Ann Arrundell Historical Society files, Oct. 11, 1942.

* By order of the president, and as a result of fuel shortages in a wartime economy, the Army-Navy football game is being transferred from Philadelphia, with a seating capacity of 102,000, to Annapolis with a stadium capacity of 20,000. The Sun, Oct. 23, 1942.

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