Mayor of Jerusalem, Schmoke receive awards

October 23, 1992|By Robert Ruby | Robert Ruby,Staff Writer

Two mayors, and two awards: Teddy Kollek, mayor of Jerusalem for the last 26 years, and Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, were given "Menorah Awards" last night by the Menorah Lodge of B'nai B'rith for their contributions to Jewish causes.

Mr. Kollek, 81, who walked with a cane because of a recent leg injury, recalled his first visit to Baltimore, in 1951, when he was traveling with Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. Then, as now, Mr. Kollek was engaged in raising money.

As head of the Jerusalem Foundation, Mr. Kollek has raised money in the United States and other nations to pay for parks, museums and other civic projects throughout Jerusalem.

"We have many friends here who are helping us," he said.

In the on-going Arab-Israeli peace talks, the future status of Jerusalem has not yet been discussed.

Israel captured the eastern half of the city during fighting in 1967 and later formally annexed that territory.

He said he expected the city's Palestinian population eventually to be given greater autonomy, but without having the city formally redivided.

"Your government and ours decided to leave that to the end," Mr. Kollek said. "We meanwhile have to teach people to live together."

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