DNR head, commissioners stray far afield Groups miss their rendezvous

October 22, 1992|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writer

The secretary of the state Department of Natural Resources announced his tour of Carroll County sites a week in advance. He faxed his agenda, complete with easy-to-follow directions, far and wide.

Sykesville Park, a cooperative project between the state and county, was at the top of Secretary Torrey C. Brown's must-see list.

The county commissioners rearranged their schedules. County recreation officials, eager to show off the 90-acre site, canceled other appointments. The president of Sykesville Community Baseball, whose 900 some members will use the fields, took an afternoon off from work.

Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Elmer Lippy, Recreation Director John P. Little and Bureau Chief Richard Soisson, and Marty Lookingbill, baseball president, all arrived just before 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Bernie Wentker, DNR regional administrator, was there to greet them as they opened the gate and drove into the park.

They had followed DNR's directions to the letter -- from Route 32, they went one mile south on Raincliffe Road to the field on the right.

"We are about in left field," said Mr. Little, passing the time with puns as the group checked their watches and waited for Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown and his entourage also waited in the field -- the wrong field, 200 yards up the road.

"We saw Mayor Lloyd Helt just as we turned onto Raincliffe and assumed this was the place," said Mike O'Brien, DNR spokesman.

The state group waited with the mayor for about 45 minutes before heading back to Annapolis.

The county group looked at a drawing of what the park will look like by 1994, for about 90 minutes, pausing to check every car passing the gate.

The two groups never connected.

Mr. O'Brien spent the rest of last night calling in apologies for the "big disaster" and assuring everyone that Dr. Brown would follow his schedule and directions to the letter today.

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