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October 22, 1992

Renovators remove mayor's bulletproof window

The bulletproof window that used to shield Annapolis' mayor RTC is gone, but Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins says he's not worried.

"If I have to have bulletproof windows, we'd better shut the town down," said Mr. Hopkins, whose office is on the first floor of the historic City Hall on Duke of Gloucester Street.

All of the windows in City Hall are being replaced, and the frames are being repainted as part of a long-awaited renovation project.

Former Mayor Dennis M. Callahan had the bulletproof window installed on the advice of the police chief after he began a widely publicized crackdown on drug dealing in the city.

Police rescue woman threatening suicide

A 42-year-old woman threatened Tuesday to jump from a ledge on the roof of the Whitmore Garage on Clay Street in Annapolis until two police officers talked her out of it.

Annapolis police arrived at 2 p.m. to find a crowd gathered on the sidewalk by the garage, watching the woman, who was hanging from the ledge by her hands.

Sgt. John Mellon drove to the top floor and calmed her down until Officer Tom Hannon could grab her from behind, police said.

"She was crying and saying she wanted to end her life, that it wasn't worth living," said Sergeant Mellon. "She was way over the edge. It was quite obvious that she intended to kill herself."

This was the second time in a month that police had interrupted a suicide attempt by the woman, officers said.

The woman was taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center for emergency psychiatric evaluation.


* Annapolis: A safe containing $2,000 was stolen from the High's convenience store in the 300 block of Southern Maryland Boulevard Monday after a break-in.

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