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October 22, 1992|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff Writer

An 11-year-old girl told a Circuit Court jury yesterday that her mother's boyfriend made her don a black silk dress, hung her from a hook, chained her to a bed and whipped her with a belt repeatedly for about a year before she told her baby sitter and was put in a foster home.

The girl told a hushed courtroom in a quiet, composed voice that the burly boat mechanic who moved in with her family in January 1990 sexually abused her about three times a week. She said the man used handcuffs, blindfolds, battery-operated sexual devices and a studded leather belt on her while her mother worked nights.

The Laurel man is charged with second-degree rape, assault with intent to rape, battery, assault and child abuse.

According to testimony, the defendant began abusing the child in 1990 and would tell her either to don a black silk dress that belonged to her mother or would undress her. He would then force her to commit sex acts either handcuffed to her mother's bed or hung from a hook attached to the ceiling of the master bedroom.

"Sometimes I didn't have anything on, and he was on top of me," said the child.

She testified that the defendant threatened to kill her if she told anyone, and that when she told her mother one time, she "thought I was lying."

The court accepted into evidence a plastic bag filled with sexual paraphernalia and bondage books confiscated by police from the house after the suspect's arrest.

The mother, who testified as a defense witness, recalled her daughter saying one Saturday morning in 1991 that she "had played a funny game" with the boyfriend the night before that involved him tying her up.

In that instance, the mother confronted the defendant, and he admitted touching the girl sexually. The mother, a file clerk for the federal government, said she examined her daughter physically, and she seemed unhurt.

She said that she told her daughter to tell her if anything else happened and came to believe the abuse was an isolated incident when months went by and her daughter reported nothing else when asked.

In late March 1992, the baby sitter called the mother, then took her to the sitter's house, where the girl gave details of the occurrences.

The mother said that she was in "such a state of shock" she couldn't remember all the details of that conversation, but she seemed anxious to downplay the impact of the abuse on her daughter.

"I wouldn't say that she was extremely upset," she said.

Under cross examination by assistant state's attorney Kathleen Rogers, she said she was "not totally convinced" her daughter was telling the truth.

The mother took her daughter back to the apartment they shared with the defendant. She said she was unaware authorities had been contacted until she received a phone call at work a few days later, saying her daughter and 12-year-old son were in the protective custody of the Department of Social Services.

Both children are now living out of state with their father and stepmother.

The defendant's name is not used to protect the child's identity.

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