25 Years Ago (week of Oct. 8-14, 1967):* Plans for a...


October 19, 1992|By Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

25 Years Ago (week of Oct. 8-14, 1967):

* Plans for a county charter for Howard County were in the works this week. Under the proposed charter, a county council would replace the Board of County Commissioners. The Howard County Citizens Association suggested to the charter board that meetings of the proposed council be held during evening hours so that average county citizens with day-time jobs could run for and hold council positions.

* The Maryland Court of Appeals reversed an earlier Howard County Circuit Court decision which had overruled the Board of County Commissioners in their denial of a zoning change request for the Turf Valley area. The proposed change would have permitted a shopping center and garden apartment complex to be built. The Court of Appeals based its decision on the belief that the proposed change constituted "spot zoning." . . . 50 Years Ago (week of Oct. 11-17, 1942):

* Residents of the Grays area of Ellicott City held a service flag-raising ceremony. The flag contained 23 stars, one for each member of the community who was serving in the armed forces. The VFW provided a speaker for the occasion. In addition, a plaque inscribed with the names of the community's 23 servicemen was posted.

* A taxicab owned by the State Cab company of Ellicott City crashed into a telephone pole on Rogers Avenue near Rockland when its driver failed to negotiate a curve in the road. The driver received only minor injuries, but the taxi was completely demolished. The cab struck the pole with such force that the pole broke off and the cab continued to travel down Rogers Avenue for some distance. Because of the accident, the owner of the cab company announced his immediate retirement from the taxi business.

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