Ron Willard's way: Don't worry, be happyHe lightens up...


October 18, 1992|By DON VITEK

Ron Willard's way: Don't worry, be happy

He lightens up, then unloads 300

Ron Willard discovered a truth about bowling that some bowlers never learn. Bowling is supposed to be fun. The scores come second.

"I was bowling four nights a week," Willard said. "It was too much. It become a chore, so I cut down on the bowling, and now I'm relaxed and really enjoying it."

And enjoying it a lot more after the Friday CSC league on Oct. 2 at Crofton Bowling Centre. That night, he fired the first 300 game of his career, adding it to games of 244 and 234 for a career-high series of 778.

Five pins short of perfection

Troy Feese started out relaxed in the Thursday Fun Lovers league at Crofton.

He started bowling when he was about 8 and carries a 196 average.

How relaxed was Feese that Thursday night? Relaxed enough to throw 11 strikes, from the first frame on. Then, perhaps, he became a tad too relaxed. "I missed the headpin completely," he said. "The ball went Brooklyn and kept right on hookin'." Five pins fell for an unusual 295 game.

"It was embarrassing," Feese said. "It was just one of those things."

"It looked like he stuck at the [foul] line to me," said Toots Hasson, secretary of the league. "And, of course, if you stick with your sliding foot, you're going to pull the ball across your body."

Striking out at drugs

Lt. Gary Simpson of the Annapolis Police and supervisor of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program said that he "doesn't bowl now, but I might start again after seeing everyone have so much fun."

Simpson introduced the DARE program to Annapolis in 1989. He has been a police officer for 23 years.

The folks that were having so much fun in the Fair Lanes Annapolis bowling center on Sept. 28 were bowling in the first Annapolis DARE Tournament.

It drew 19 teams of five officers each from all over Maryland, almost 200 police officers, who paid $12 each. That money went to the DARE program.

"A lot of thanks goes to Shaun Stealey [Fair Lanes Annapolis manager] for the tournament being so successful," Simpson said. "Everyone at the center was wonderful."

The U.S. Capitol Police team of Jean and Elton Mobbs, Shelly Benac-Plummer, Rich Pulliam and Rick Harrell dropped a total of 3,030 pins to lead the list. In second, with a total of 2,930, was the Maryland State Police of Prince Frederick.

Top scores for women

The Severna Park Women's Bowling Association league at Severna Park Lanes is having a great season.

Kathleen McIntyre, a 142-average bowler, threw her first 200 game, a 232, on Sept. 23. The following week, she came out of the gate with a 215, added a 246 and finished with a 163 for a powerful 624 series.

Randy Miller, a 138-average bowler last year, fired a 232 game on Sept. 30, 94 pins over average.

Big scores in Glen Burnie

Tenpin bowlers at Bowl America Glen Burnie have been posting impressive scores lately, including four 300 games, three 299 games plus some strong series.

* Mike Peterson, an 185-average bowler from Brooklyn threw his first 300 game in the Wednesday Mixed League at Bowl America Glen Burnie in the second week of the Fall season. That served as the cornerstone for his first 700 set, a strong 765 series.

* Dennis Williams of Pasadena bowls in two leagues and posted a 191 average last year. Bowling in a Saturday tournament at Bowl America Glen Burnie last month, he fired his first sanctioned 300 game and added two strong games to finish with a 789 set.

* Curtis Porter of Glen Burnie bowls at Fair Lanes Ritchie as well as Bowl America Glen Burnie. Last year he averaged 156. That average is probably going to be a lot higher this year.

He banged out the first 300 game of his career at the end of the summer.

* Brian Bever was bowling in the Saturday Oct.3 tournament at Bowl America Glen Burnie and threw a 300 game. That was just a few weeks after he threw a 300 game at Fair Lanes Edgewood in the Thursday Major Men's League.

* Paul Stempinski moved from Chicago a little over a year ago and lives in Laurel.

Stempinski, who averages 192, bowls at Country Club Lanes Monday night, Brunswick Crown lanes on Tuesday and the Thursday Scratch trio at Bowl America Glen Burnie.

He was throwing a Blue Phantom in the Thursday Scratch Trio at Geln Burnie when a single pin stood on the final ball and made him settle for a 299 game and a 743 set.

* Rick Morrison, a scratch bowler, threw a 299 game in the Thursday Scratch League at Bowl America Glen Burnie.

* Henry Bell, bowling for 10 years, has banged out three 299 games, the latest one in the Arundel Men's League at Bowl America Glen Burnie last month. That 299 was the keystone for a 757 series.

* Tina Fick, 18, just graduated from the ranks of the Young America Bowling Alliance and is in her first year as an adult bowler in three leagues -- Monday Mixed at Fair Lanes Ritchie, Friday Mixed at Greenway Bowl Odenton and Thursday Sundowners at Glen Burnie.

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