A night of firsts for Westminster's Moody Gets 300 game and 700 series


October 18, 1992|By DON VITEK

Jeff Moody had one of those nights that tenpin bowlers dream about. Bowling in the Monday Mixed League on Oct. 5 at County Lanes, Westminster, he produced his first 300 game and his first 700 series and broke the house three-game series record.

Moody, who lives in Westminster, carries an 188 average using a 16-pound Columbia U-Dot bowling ball. He is active in two leagues, the Monday Night Mixed League and the Wednesday Scratch League.

Moody, who has bowled for about 20 years, had a solid first game (269), came back with a 197 and on the last game pounded out his first 300 game for the 766 record-breaking series.

"I've always enjoyed bowling," Moody said. "It's always different, it keeps your interest. I wasn't doing anything different when I threw the 300 game, but I will say that County Lanes has a great lane condition, one that you can score well on. And of course it helps that your bowling against some tough competitors."

Oh, so close to perfection

Bill Dixon, a Finksburg resident, came close to throwing his first sanctioned 300 game at Hampstead Bowling Center in the Monday Mixed League. His 279 is the house high game this year at Hampstead.

MA The 26-year-old Dixon, a left-hander, started bowling when he

was 9 years old. He carries a 192 average, bowling at Hampstead and on Wednesday at Fair Lanes King Point.

He had a first game of 226, threw the 279 and finished with a 21for a set of 719. His career high is 747.

"I had nine strikes in a row," Dixon said, "And the tenth ball was solid in the pocket but it left the nine pin.

"That kind of stuff is going to happen," he said. "You know if you throw it good that you've done everything you can. You just grit your teeth and go on bowling."

That's what he's doing.

"I'm practicing 20 to 40 games a week now," he said. "I'd like to increase that and next February apply for the Professional Bowlers Association card. I'd like to try the professional tour."

Hampstead youth rolling along

The Saturday youth leagues at Hampstead Bowling Center are rolling along in fine style.

Mike McKenzie, from Manchester, has switched to a fingertip grip and it's working beautifully.

Last year the 11th-grader at North Carroll High School was averaging in the 150s with a semi-fingertip grip drilled into a 14-pound Columbia 300 ball. This year the weight has been increased to 15 pounds, the ball is a Columbia Black Knight and the new fingertip grip is being used.

"Mike averaged 180-plus in the summer league," said BilMcKenzie, Mike's dad. "He's throwing the ball pretty good, and the fingertip grip seems to be working."

On Oct. 3, in the morning YABA league at Hampstead, Mikthrew games of 212, 242 and 188 for a powerful 642 series. Both of those figures are career highs.

* Tammy Fisher, 17, on the same day, in the same league, started the new season with games of 247, 200 and 149 for a 596.

Tammy lives in Hampstead with her parents, Andy and Karen Fisher, and is a senior at North Carroll High. She plays softball and field hockey for the Panthers and has been bowling since kindergarten. She's averaging 153 with a 12-pound Angle bowling ball, and that 596 series is a career high; her high game is 255.

Pro shop to open soon

The new pro shop at Hampstead Lanes will be opening soon.

"We're just waiting for some equipment to be moved out of the room that we're going to use for the pro shop," said J. B. Wisner, son of the operators, Karen and Basil Wisner. "We should be open for business very shortly."

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