School board candidates offer views DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE CANDIDATES

October 18, 1992

Major differences between Board of Education incumbent Cheryl A. McFalls and challenger C. Scott Stone:

* Ms. McFalls highlights her intense school involvement as a parent volunteer, PTA member and board member. Mr. Stone emphasizes his insight as an engineer traveling the world in his job.

* Mr. Stone advocates night board meetings at least once a month to give working parents an opportunity to attend. Ms. McFalls says that when the board does have night meetings, no more parents attend than during day meetings.

* Ms. McFalls takes a conservative attitude toward approval of books and materials for sex education and literature classes, often voting not to approve something that has passed a screening committee. Mr. Stone says that the screening

committees and staff should be given the benefit of the doubt, especially because they are appointed by the board to review the materials.

* Mr. Stone criticizes the board for raising the superintendent's and deputy superintendent's salaries in a year of budget cuts and no cost-of-living raise for other employees. Ms. McFalls defends the board's vote, saying that salaries are equitable and competitive so that Carroll can hire and keep good people.

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