From The Sun Oct. 18-24, 1842Oct. 18: We have before us...


October 18, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Oct. 18-24, 1842

Oct. 18: We have before us the facts connected with a gross insult offered to a highly respectable lady, on Friday evening last, by an individual professing to be a gentleman. The circumstance took place in Pitt near Front street.

Oct. 24: About six o'clock on Saturday morning, we've learned, a duel was fought at Burlington, N.J., between two midshipmen of the U.S. Navy.

From The Sun Oct. 18-24, 1892

Oct. 18: The summer social festivities of the several hundred fashionable folk who live in and around Catonsville came to an end last night with a german in Library Hall.

Oct. 19: The two patent street-cleaning machines to be used by the city have arrived. The patent sprinkler is expected in a few days.

From The Sun Oct. 18-24, 1942

Oct. 18: President Roosevelt yesterday authorized posthumous award of the Congressional Medal of Honor to Lieut. Milton Ernest Ricketts, of Baltimore, killed in action during the Coral Sea battle last May.

Oct. 19: Held within doors for nearly a week by the torrential rains, Baltimoreans went on a driving spree, gas rationing or no gas rationing.

Oct. 21: The Baltimore-built Liberty ship, John Carter Rose, has been sunk in South Atlantic waters two months after it had been completed, it was disclosed yesterday in an Associated Press dispatch from Recife, Brazil.

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