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October 18, 1992


Editor: Thanks to you, to Patrick A. McGuire and Mark Bugnaski for the sensitive and heartwarming article on Donald Krinkey Jr. ["Life Support," Sept. 20] and for daring to take so close a look at the devastating effects of AIDS.

My family had a close friend who lived, suffered and died with AIDS, and his case, like Donald's, was steered by a nurse from Care Consultants. They are truly an inspiration to everyone whose paths they cross.

I thank you also as a parent, for your story brings a jarring awareness of the ravages of this disease. Parents must realize that this is indeed not a battle being fought in some foreign land, affecting only certain high risk groups, but a growing threat to all of us who have young children who may one day be even momentarily threatened by this insidious illness.

Barbara Lebson



Editor: Thank you for bringing back my memories of my summer vacations in Shady Side, Md. [Postmark, Aug. 23]. For 16 years my family spent them at the Royal Home Hotel which was owned by Ethel Andrews and was later called Andrew's Hotel. They were wonderful times.

Mary Chesney Schwind



Editor: We thoroughly enjoyed reading Mike Klingaman's interesting and informative article on yellow jackets ["I Am Curious (Yellow) Jacket," Aug. 16]. However, the creative and artistic (?) mind that was responsible for the white printing on black pages went a bit too far this time! My husband and I nearly went blind trying to read this article.

Dolores and John Calhoun



Editor: I just finished reading the article on the Northern Central Railroad Trail in your July 26 edition ["All Aboard the Rail Trail"]. It truly is a serene and peaceful place for all types of peoples, but, it brought back some memories of a quiet Sunday morning in the summer of '89 when I was run over due to a reckless cyclist. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the trail again but with much trepidation.

Brenda Skinner

Stuttgart, Germany


Editor: If photographer Frank Van Riper's depiction of life (and death) on the Eastern Shore made any of your readers more cognizant of how casually human society views and engages in the slaughter of animals, then it will have been well worth the discomfort some may have felt seeing the photographs of an about-to-be-butchered pig and two deer killed by hunters' bullets ["Shore Shots," Aug. 23]. Too many people dine on animal flesh )) without ever giving thought to the animal it came from.Christine Jackson

Senior Staff Writer

People for the Ethical

$ Treatment of Animals

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