Top-heavy costsA recent article stated that Maryland spent...

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October 16, 1992

Top-heavy costs

A recent article stated that Maryland spent more than most states on its roads, per mile. However, the condition of the highways was average to poor.

The high expenditures, with less than good results, were attributed to top-heavy administrative costs. I believe this is a characteristic of all levels of our governments.

A good beginning would be the legislature. Let's cut legislators' salaries in half and give them 30 days each year to conduct business.

If they can't do it in 30 days, the extra time should be uncompensated. Not only would this save money, but it would reduce the proliferation of laws and pork barrel projects.

Lou Hause

Glen Arm

Baltimore Sun seen favoring Question 6

It is likely that by now everyone has gotten the message: The Baltimore Sun wants us to vote for Bill Clinton and for Question 6.

We guessed that The Baltimore Sun had tender feelings for Honest Bill when we noticed how forebearing and magnanimously understanding it was about his, ah, difficulties with keeping his draft stories straight from week to week.

We wait now to see what sympathetic explanations The Baltimore Sun will make for his anti-war activities in Europe and his little "mission to Moscow" during the war in Vietnam.

As for Question 6, after three lead editorials on three Sundays, we began to suspect The Baltimore Sun feels rather strongly that Maryland should have one of the nation's most liberal abortion policies.

It suggested that if we do not vote for abortion on demand (virtually assured by Question 6), Maryland will remain "without any provision for involving parents in a [teen-ager's] decision about abortion." It also hinted darkly that a vote for the measure is tantamount to a parental obligation.

The Baltimore Sun also has suggested that only due to the enlightened introduction of "legal, safe and accessible" destruction of developing life has the nasty business of abortion referral services been brought under control.

We seldom realize how high-minded Roe vs. Wade really was. Many of us were just uninformed about the innumerable side benefits of abortions. It is so good to have The Baltimore Sun to set us straight.

J. Rizzo


Mother's milk

I'm a little confused by the admonition by health care professionals against using cow's milk in the first year of life. Instead, parents are urged to breast-feed or use iron-fortified "formula."

But what is the magic ingredient in this scientific-sounding "formula"? Moose milk?

The interesting semantic trick of referring to modified cow's milk as "formula" and the substance purchased in jugs and cartons at the supermarket as "cow's milk" is an excellent marketing technique.

Marketing of these "formulas" is actually aided by the American medical community's lukewarm support of breast-feeding.

Until American health-care professionals become more forceful and honest about the risks of artificial feeding, American infants and mothers will continue to be denied the benefits of breast feeding at greater rates than anywhere else in the world.

Kathleen M. Tremper


One region

The future of the Baltimore metropolitan region demands that residents throughout the area recognize our shared interests.

Whether we live inside or outside the Beltway, or on one side or the other of a boundary line first drawn on what was then farmland, we face common problems in education, transportation and public safety.

Every urbanized subdivision in Maryland, except Baltimore City, has a legislative district that includes residents of a neighboring county under the existing legislative map, which was drawn 10 years ago. The new lines simply treat Baltimore City the same as its neighbors.

Despite what one of our colleagues has recently written, the true crime is that it has taken us this long to take this first but important step toward recognizing our shared concerns.

Barbara A. Hoffman

Samuel I. Rosenberg

The writers are, respectively, the senator and a delegate from the 42d legislative district.

Voters are being misled by the media about Clinton

. . . In 40 years of voting as a registered Democrat, I have never experienced an election such as the voter is faced with this year.

Voters are accustomed to the accusations between candidates, the childish bickering and, all too often, the lies.

But never in my memory has there been such a media blitz to misinform the country in order to promote one candidate over another.

Speeches with pertinent lines missing, photo shots eliminating the negative responses of the crowd showing only the applauding few, poll numbers reported on national news coming from liberal sources have bombarded the listener daily.

Never have I seen a voting population, outside of a movie, taken in by a man so obsessed with becoming president as Bill Clinton. A man who has trained himself since his teens, never working a day outside the political arena, who will promise anything to get elected. Some people are falling for this ruse.

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