Commissioners discuss board actions, goals

October 16, 1992|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

County Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Elmer C. Lippy feel that facing difficult problems is among their greatest accomplishments, they told the Carroll County Homebuilders Association last night.

The two also spoke of their goals for the county's future.

Mr. Lippy noted that the commissioners have had to cut thcounty budget several times and raise sewer rates.

"I think we deserve a C for courage," he said. "Any one of thesthings could get a person unelected.

"We get along, we respect each other and we respect each other's opinions," Mr. Lippy said of the three-member board of commissioners. "That's a marked improvement over the last board."

Commissioner Dell agreed that the board had faced some difficult issues. He also stressed the commissioners' knack for cooperation.

But he focused on the commissioners' negotiations with various county organizations, such as the sheriff's department, the hospital and school board, to settle budget problems.

"We've done these things without the Neall amendment," he said, referring to a proposed ordinance that would give the commissioners a line-item veto over county agency budgets, modeled after one in Anne Arundel County. "I feel it's better that way [to resolve problems through negotiation] than to take a hammer and beat them over the head with a piece of legislation."

Mr. Lippy said the commissioner will study recycling, countywide trash removal and burning trash for fuel. "I think that's the nicest form of recycling," he said, "taking a finite, precious resource and saving it by burning combustible waste."

Mr. Dell said that a yearlong education effort would be necessary for that project.

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