Make his day, buy his furniture

October 16, 1992|By New York Times News Service

Clint Eastwood, actor, director and on-screen embodiment of the rugged, enigmatic cowboy-hero, has become an innkeeper and purveyor of furniture.

In 1986, he bought Mission Ranch, a farm of more than 40 acres in Carmel, Calif. It is adjacent to the San Carlos Borromeo Mission. He donated 11 acres for a nature preserve and made the rest of the ranch into a resort. Mr. Eastwood asked Edgar Broyhill, a friend who owns Edgar B., a furniture manufacturer in Clemmons, N.C., to design furniture for the ranch.

The Mission Ranch resort opened in June, and now the furnishings are available to the public through mail order. The collection consists of 250 items -- beds, dressers, desks and armoires. The prices range from $285 for a cherry cocktail table, to $3,500 for a leather sofa.

Stamped on the leather sofas and chairs, and woven into upholstery fabric, is a starlike motif based on the window over the front door of the mission chapel. Some of the furniture has distressed wood, a design element borrowed from the wood beams in the mission.

A leather trunk ($924) -- 39 1/2 inches long, 23 inches deep and 15 inches high -- was modeled after trunks used by settlers moving west. "They used them for storage units, and we're using them for cocktail tables," Mr. Broyhill said.

The catalog sells for $10. Call (800) 225-6589.

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