Tasteful entertaining for art's sake


October 16, 1992|By SYLVIA BADGER

Artful Dining is such a tasteful way to support exhibitions and educational programs at the Walters Art Gallery. Walters director Bob Bergman kicked off the event Oct. 2 with his Director in the Parlor dinner.

Several dozen gracious hosts have or will continue to act as host of cocktail or dinner parties through Nov. 8. They include Butch and Sally Michel, Kathy and Joe Hardiman, Allison and George Wood, and Berthe and John Ford. For more information, call Claudia Bismark at (410) 547-9000.


The Governor's Dinner with the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors was another well-attended, interesting evening at the home of Melinda and Otts Davis.

Among the dinner guests were some of the best-known names in real estate -- Nancy and John Hubble, J. Hollis Albert III and Kimberly Ann Wolle, Otis Warren Jr., John and Marie Evans, Brandon and Linda Gaines, John and Barbara Wilson, Adam and Dolores Cockey, Jimmy Piper, Philip and Nancy Chase, and Gov. William Donald Schaefer and Jody Albright.


Little hamburgers, cod fish cakes, french fries and gravy, and malted milkshakes are not the usual fare of the Classic Catering People. But since these items are diner mainstays, that's what the caterers dished up for several hundred people this week at a Sen. Barbara Mikulski election party.

Many came to meet her and Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson, who collaborated with Mikulski on the fund-raiser.

Due to airline delays, Levinson never made it to the party, but was in time to greet fans at the theater. Mikulski, meanwhile, enjoyed be-bopping around in her saddle shoes, greeting some of the original 'Diner' guys, Chip Silverman, Boogie Weinglass, Richard Sher, Alan Charles and an array of supporters, like Chip Mason, Blair Barton, Alan Rifkin, Ann and Edgar Silver, Jackie McCurdy, Arden McCurdy, David Cordish, Lynda O'Dea, Janet Bouton, Attorney General Joe Curran, City Councilwoman Rikki Spector and Michael Bronfein, who organized the event.

I left as hordes of people were filling the theater to see the movie and happened to notice a boarded-up diner nearby in the 5800 block of York Road. I was told it belonged to Tom Kiefaber, owner of the Senator.Kiefaber later told me he and his business partner, Hollis Albert, have great plans for the '30s diner.

If all goes well, the Nibble & Clink Diner will open next year and will seat 150 people. They are naming it after a 1939 canteen restaurant, which was a '40s hangout for teen-agers on the corner of Belvedere and York roads.

Speaking of diners, stop by the Hollywood Diner, used in the movie "Diner," at East Saratoga and Holliday streets at noon Wednesday. It's celebrating its first birthday party of helping youth-at-risk train for the food service industry with a cook-off. This will feature Baltimore caterers and yours truly will be judging the food, along with John Ott, executive director of the B&O Railroad Museum; Rich Badmington, CEO of James Holechek Public Relations; and Baltimore City Comptroller Jackie McLean.


As most opera lovers know, "Turandot" opens at the Lyric tomorrow night, but I bet they didn't know about a little ride on the wild side its two stars took last week.

Soprano Ealynn Voss, who sings the title role, was dining in Little Italy with Melvin Lowery, the tenor who sings Pang. Since Lowery is originally from Baltimore, he offered to take Voss on a tour of downtown after dinner.

A long day of rehearsals probably accounts for their not noticing the light rail signs on Howard Street. They ended up driving on the tracks and only became aware of the problem when one of Baltimore's finest pointed it out to them. They got off with just a warning.

I'm sure they'll tell you all about it if you're among those attending the opening night cast party at the Belvedere Hotel Saturday night after the opera. Tom Steuhler's Truffles is catering.

The party is open to all first night- ers, but tickets are $30. Call (410) 727-0592.


Maryland Public Television treated its major donors to a Harrison's Pier 5 Sunday brunch with veteran broadcast journalist Paul Duke, host of "Washington Week in Review." Guests enjoyed his talk, "Election Countdown," and had lots of questions for him.

Among those at the brunch were MPT's John Davis; Janet Duke; Grace and Russell Baker; Judge Paul and Rona Dorf; Zelig Linda Robinson; David and Maria Landis; Eddie and Sylvia Brown; MPT president and CEO Raymond Ho, and his wife, Tere; Norma and Elliot Malis; and Andy and Elizabeth Malis.

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