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October 15, 1992|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff Writer

A 66-year-old former city cab driver, arrested in an Annapoli police sting operation targeting cab drivers involved in illicit drugs, was sentenced to three years supervised probation yesterday.

George F. Tolson, of the 900 block of President St., was convicted Aug. 26 of distribution of cocaine after a jury found that he helped arrange a drug deal.

Judge Martin A. Wolff yesterday disregarded sentencing guidelines recommending seven to 14 years in prison. He said Tolson's age and the circumstances of the offense kept him out of prison.

"This is the time of life when you end a career, not begin a career at the House of Correction," Judge Wolff said.

According to testimony, an undercover police officer got into Tolson's cab Jan. 2 near the City Dock and asked to be taken somewhere she could buy "something to party with."

Tolson took the officer, whom he knew from a previous ride, to the Robinwood housing complex, where he acted like a broker. He inspected the cocaine before she bought it to make sure she was getting her $40 worth, according to testimony.

Judge Wolff noted that for taking her there, Tolson received "no money and no drugs" from the transaction, and that he was working "at a time when a lot of people are retired or thinking about retirement."

Annapolis police charged 13 people in the May 22 sting, which was part of a five-month investigation.

lTC Assistant State's Attorney Pat Bell said prosecution of the cases will continue until next month.

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