House, it seems, is now 200 years old. Here's...


October 14, 1992

THE WHITE House, it seems, is now 200 years old. Here's rTC hoping that a) it stands there, in full use, for at least another two centuries and b) people change its name to the Black House.

It would be nothing new, of course, for the building originally dubbed the President's Mansion to undergo a change of name. This could happen, indeed, as soon as January. If the present tenant's lease is renewed, the color of his high-society blood could induce the plebian masses to start calling it the Blue House. If the candidate from the old Confederate States of America were to move in, popular fancy might settle on the Gray House. And if the man with the money wins, what else but the Green House?

Now and then a Marylander has acknowledged that this realty parcel in what used to be Maryland bears the name of the Rev. Andrew White, S.J., of 1634-and-all-that fame. Non-Marylanders have been known to scoff.

From another aspect, Washington's emphasis on White at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., has led to uneasiness elsewhere in a nation of many (alphabetically) blacks, browns, reds and yellows.

Therefore, be it resolved that we shall rechristen the chief executive's town house, once we get a president whose budget balances, whose national debt dwindles and whose government is therefore seen as operating in the black.

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