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October 13, 1992

Odor complaints end drug firm's dumping

A Brooklyn Park drug manufacturer was allowed to dump industrial waste water at the Aberdeen Waste Water Treatment Plant in Harford County in June until neighbors complained about a "bitter, pungent" smell, Aberdeen officials said.

It was not the first time Kanasco Ltd., which produces synthetic penicillin, has been accused of making a stink. Neighbors of its Robinwood Road plant have complained for years about the odors.

In 1988, 10 families along Cedar Avenue in northern Glen Burnie were hospitalized after being overcome by fumes from Kanasco. The fumes rose from a spill of industrial solvents into the county sewer system.

No longer allowed to dump into Anne Arundel's sewers, the company trucked industrial waste water to the Aberdeen treatment plant on June 10, 19, and 26 of this year.

Aberdeen officials said lab reports show the waste was not hazardous. But the state Department of the Environment has filed a civil complaint ordering Kanasco to pay a $25,000 penalty for dumping into a public sewer without state approval, generating a nuisance odor and other infractions. "We accepted it, but we require the user to obtain all permits," said Bill McKean, Aberdeen's director of public works.

Ken Benner, supervisor at the Aberdeen Waste Water Treatment Plant, said the plant accepted three loads -- a total of between 6,000 gallons and 10,000 gallons -- in June. "Even though we could handle it, we stopped accepting waste water from Kanasco because of the odor problems," he said. "We had complaints about [it] from people in the neighborhood."

2 students charged with stereo theft

Two Brooklyn Park-Lindale Middle School students were charged with stealing a portable stereo from the vice principal's office Wednesday. The two girls, ages 15 and 16, were charged as juveniles after Arthur Sabo, the vice principal, said the pair had been in his outer office.

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