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October 13, 1992

Mount Airy to back county scholarship

Mount Airy's town council has agreed to support a countywide scholarship given by the Carroll chapter of the Maryland Municipal League to a student interested in pursuing a career in government.

For the first year, the scholarship will come out of MML funds. But Councilman Marc Nance noted that the money eventually will come out of the town budget.

"I think every town should be assessed $100 to $200 per year [for the scholarship]," said Council President Delaine Hobbs. "If we can't find it in our budget to support this, then it's a sad day for our community."

Scholarship specifics have not yet been determined, said Mayor Gerald Johnson.

But Mr. Hobbs suggested that students interested in a wide range of government functions, from planning to politics, be considered for the scholarship.

Liquor license denied for 8-Ball Lounge

The Frederick County Liquor Board has denied a beer license to the 8-Ball Lounge in Mount Airy.

The pool hall, at 1502 S. Main St., is in the same building with two other businesses with liquor licenses, Anita Liquors and Safari's Restaurant, the board said.

Also, Kozy Korner, a restaurant across the street, has a liquor license.

"The board believes that its obligation to foster and promote temperance would be violated if it granted this application," wrote Chairman Louis V. Myers Jr. in the board's decision.

Mount Airy town officials had also expressed concern that many teen-agers and younger children frequent the hall and an indoor miniature golf course nearby.

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