* Ben Maddow, 83, a novelist, biographer, poet and...


October 13, 1992

* Ben Maddow, 83, a novelist, biographer, poet and screenwriter whose work included the classic John Huston film "The Asphalt Jungle," died in a Hollywood hospital Friday of congestive heart failure. He worked as a ghostwriter under assumed names in order to survive blacklisting during the anti-Communist McCarthy era in the early 1950s. The writer was targeted as "unemployable" under his own name because of past left-wing affiliations. His illustrated biography of photographer Edward Weston was nominated for a National Book Award in 1974.

* Ed Blackwell, a jazz drummer who earned acclaim as the rhythmic creator of the American Jazz Quintet, died Wednesday at age 62. Mr. Blackwell had taught as an artist-in-residence at Wesleyan University in Middletown since 1972. He had suffered from kidney problems since 1974.

* Joseph M. Kitagawa, an internationally known religion historian and former dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School, died Wednesday of pneumonia at age 77.

* Jane Ewart-Biggs, a baroness who campaigned for stronger ties between Irish and British people after the Irish Republican Army killed her ambassador husband, died of cancer Thursday at age 63.

* Lennie Peters, of the 1970s British singing duo Peters and Lee, died Saturday of cancer at age 59. In their heyday, Peters and Lee were one of Britain's biggest acts. They had their first No. 1 hit with "Welcome Home" in 1973.

* Robert Trumbull, a foreign correspondent for the New York Times for more than 40 years, died Sunday while being treated for throat cancer. He was 80.

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