Professor studies journalism education CARROLL COUNTY EDUCATION

October 12, 1992

Terry Dalton has begun research especially pertinent to his role on the Western Maryland College campus: "Teaching Journalism at the Small Liberal Arts College: Purpose, Problems and Priorities."

The study by the assistant professor of English and adviser to the student newspaper, The Phoenix, is supported by a Faculty Research and Development Grant he received last academic year.

"I hope to determine how journalism educators at schools comparable to Western Maryland establish and achieve their goals," Mr. Dalton said.

"For example, in the absence of a journalism major, let alone a journalism department, how can journalism professors best prepare their students for graduate school or the real world of professional journalism?"

He interviewed journalism educators at schools comparable with WMC and at the national convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in August He has tentative approval to conduct a discussion of his research findings at the group's 1993 convention in Kansas City.

Mr. Dalton, a former print jour

nalist, was delighted in May when the full faculty approved his proposal for a journalism minor. The minor will give journalism a foundation on which to build, and it will help him enhance prospects for improving The Phoenix. The new minor requires no additional staff.

Mr. Dalton, who taught at Castleton State College in Vermont before joining WMC in 1990, is in his eighth year of full-time teaching of journalism. He has a master's degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor's degree in history from Lafayette College.

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