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October 12, 1992

Carroll students to sail aboard Chesapeake skipjack for lesson

A group of South Carroll High School students will sail on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's skipjack, the Stanley Norman, tomorrow for a first-hand ecology lesson on the Chesapeake Bay.

Students will measure the water's dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature and other characteristics, as well as catch fish and other animals and observe the plant and bird community.

They also will analyze how geological processes and man's activi

ties affect the bay and its inhabitants and discuss the bay's culture and ecology from the viewpoint of the working waterman.

Mount Airy Middle tickets readers

Mount Airy Middle School is offering a unique reading program in which students who are caught doing unassigned reading are given a citation by "disguised deputies" -- faculty, staff or visitors -- who are assigned to lurk in the halls, cafeteria, classrooms and offices in search of readers.

The citation is placed in the jail box in the cafeteria and at the end of the month a drawing is held to sentence the winner with prizes.

School officials say the Caught Reading program so far has been very successful, with more than 100 citations being issued.

The program will continue through the remainder of the academic year.

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