A 16-year resident of Clemens...


October 11, 1992

CAROLE SURBROOK, a 16-year resident of Clemens Crossing.

Activities/Hobbies: Mrs. Surbrook enjoys gardening in her yard, collecting spun glass and volunteering. She works part-time also.

Organization's Comments: "She's one of our unsung heroes," said Susan Alderson, guidance counselor and head of the Maryland's Tomorrow program at Atholton High School. "She has sat with students until midnight working with them on research papers. She is very dedicated."

Mrs. Surbrook began volunteering at Atholton High School three years ago, working in the guidance center organizing and filing information on technical schools for students who want to pursue careers after graduation.

Fulfilling her desire to work one-on-one with students, she now works with students in Maryland's Tomorrow, a statewide program geared toward students who are at risk of quitting high school. She helps the students prepare their work, from research to writing research papers.

Volunteer's Comments: "I like working with the students, because it keeps me in contact with teachers. It lets me know what is going on with my children," said Mrs. Surbrook.

"It's very important for parents to keep in contact with students. High school is one of the most important times in their lives.

"I work with students and try to give them the basics of writing skills. When the result is a good grade, it makes me feel good."

About Mrs. Surbrook: She and her husband, Jack, have four children: Anthony, 28; Michael 25; Liane, 18; and Danny, 15.

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