While I was speaking to a group of high school journalists...


October 11, 1992|By Michael Davis

While I was speaking to a group of high school journalists last year, an eager hand shot up from the back of the room.

L "Can you get rich doing journalism?" the young man wondered.

"Only in friendships," I said, leaving the group somewhat bewildered.

I hopped on a desk and explained. You can make a good living in the newspaper business, I said, but the most valuable assets you'll take with you at the end of your career can't be entered in a bank book.

I measure my fortune in the friends I've made in 24 years of working for newspapers large and small. Among them is the author of today's heart-lifting, heartbreaking cover story, free-lance writer and photographer Maryalice Yakutchik. Her piece is really a sequel, the continuation of two contributions she has made to Sun Magazine in recent years. The first was her irresistible photograph of a group of Old Order Amish children, which won the magazine's 1990 photo contest. The second was an essay she wrote about her stillborn child, published in June 1991.

This spring, as the magazine staff awaited publication of a cover piece she wrote for us on women's lacrosse, Maryalice gave birth to a gorgeous little girl named Caroline. We said a little prayer of thanks.

Less than two months later, we said a little prayer for the family of an Amish child we never met but wish we had.

Our friend Maryalice explains, starting on Page 8.

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