One Moment In Time Photo Contest 1992

October 11, 1992|By LAURA BARNHARDT

In today's issue of the Sun Magazine, the name of Louis Berney, one of the winners of the magazine's photo contest, is misspelled.

The Sun regrets the error.

A moment is fleeting, immeasurable, seemingly impossible to seize and hold.

For photographers, however, a moment is a challenge, an opportunity.

That's what our judge was looking for as he examined the 1,500 entries submitted to the Sun Magazine's annual photo contest: the photographer's ability to capture a moment in time.


This year's six winners possess that quality, says judge John Goecke, The Sun's assistant managing editor for photo and graphics.

"They aren't just posed portraits or scenic shots," he adds. "There's interaction in the photos, and the feeling of stepping into a person's life for a moment."

For her color photograph of children playing in a sprinkler, Nancy Hoopes of Gibson Island earned our grand prize award of $1,250. Our other winners, Hank Ferrero, Christena Houston, Mathew Gray, Louis Bearney and David Pugh, each will receive $250. Winning photos taken on Kodak film have been entered in the 1992 Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards.

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