Special primers have power to hide knots, prevent stains


October 10, 1992|By Gene Austin | Gene Austin,Knight-Ridder News Service

Q: How can we keep knots from showing through the paint on our wood window frames?

A: Coat the knots with a special stain-killing primer, such as Parks Undercover or Zinsser's B-I-N. Stain killers are sold at most home centers, paint stores and hardware stores. The primer will seal the knots and prevent sap from bleeding through.

Stain-killing primers also can prevent bleed-through of water stains on walls and ceilings, crayon and grease marks, and similar stains that can otherwise ruin a paint job.

Some painters use ordinary shellac for sealing knots and stains, but the special primers have a white pigment that, in my opinion, has better hiding power.

Q: I want to build a deck on my home. Can you recommend a good book about decks?

A: One of my favorites is "Decks," by Tim Snyder ($14.95 paperback, Rodale Press). It covers deck design, selection of materials, maintenance and repair, and related subjects such as outdoor lighting. Some bookstores will order it if it's not in stock.

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