Yeltsin takes Gorbachev's offices

October 08, 1992|By Kathy Lally | Kathy Lally,Moscow Bureau

MOSCOW -- First Boris N. Yeltsin took the job, then he took the limousine and now he has taken Mikhail S. Gorbachev's new office complex.

Last night, Itar-Tass reported that Mr. Yeltsin had evicted Mr. Gorbachev from the buildings where he runs a social and political research foundation.

Mr. Yeltsin signed a decree yesterday transferring the buildings to the Russian government's Financial Academy, which will train new bankers. But the decree instructs the academy to lease one building to Mr. Gorbachev.

The decree happened to come as Mr. Gorbachev launched another attack on Mr. Yeltsin.In a newspaper interview yesterday, Mr. Gorbachev said Mr. Yeltsin was not coping well with the job of president.

The last time Mr. Gorbachev publicly criticized his successor, Mr. Yeltsin took away his government-issued Zil limousine.

The latest contretemps comes over Mr. Gorbachev's continued refusal to testify in a Constitutional Court hearing on the banned Communist Party. He didn't show up again yesterday. Mr. Gorbachev has been fined 100 rubles (30 cents) and told not to leave the country.

Most Russians find all of this more annoying than amusing. Mr. Gorbachev, who has remained a popular figure abroad, finds little sympathy among his countrymen.

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