Two ex-Perot aides in Md. say he had their credit checked

October 07, 1992|By Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- A House subcommittee will meet tomorrow with several former volunteers for Ross Perot, including two from Frederick, Md., to begin an investigation into allegations that the Perot campaign illegally dug into the personal credit history of some of its volunteers.

Lawrence Way, former coordinator of the Perot petition drive in Frederick, and Richard Stover, a former volunteer there, along with dozens of other Perot volunteers across the country, have complained that their credit histories were checked into, a possible violation of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

An aide to the House Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs and Coinage, which is looking into the complaints along with the Federal Trade Commission, said the law permits a credit check for employment purposes but does not apply to volunteers.

Perot officials admitted last week that they hired detective agencies to investigate allegations of misconduct, such as mishandling money, by state coordinators and that their inquiries included credit checks.

Mr. Way, who was fired as county coordinator and has filed a $10 million slander suit against the Perot campaign, says he was never accused of mishandling money. "I never had anyone indicate they had a problem with me at all," he says.

Mr. Stover says he never handled money for the petition drive.

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