Septic waste treatment plant to open soon in Westminster

October 06, 1992

Westminster's new $1.9 million septic waste treatment facility could open as soon as next week, said Helen Spinelli, a county comprehensive planner for sewer and water.

The facility already treats waste from city sewers.

The addition will allow the city to charge independent waste haulers contracted to empty septic tanks in outlying areas for discharging waste in the new facility.

The county commissioners enacted an ordinance yesterday that regulates the use of such facilities for the disposal and pretreatment of septic waste.

They also adopted a resolution that establishes a 9-cent-per-gallon fee for haulers dumping waste at the facility, which is located at the Westminster Waste Water Treatment Plant.

A 13-cent-per-gallon fee will be charged to haulers after operating hours.

State law requires all raw sewage to be treated.

The county has an agreement with Westminster to treat the septic waste.

The city will operate the facility and bill the county.

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