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October 06, 1992

Light-rail construction work forces road closings

Drivers in Linthicum, Woodlawn Heights and Ferndale will face several more weeks of aggravation due to light-rail construction.

A number of roads have already been closed and reopened. Traffic along the following roads will be disrupted in the coming weeks:

* The Route 648 bridge crossing at Annapolis Road will periodically be limited to single-lane traffic throughout October.

* Twin Oaks Road, which has been closed at Camp Meade Road for a few weeks, will remain closed for another week or 10 days.

* Maple Road at Camp Meade Road will be limited to single-lane traffic during the week and closed entirely on the weekends for a few weeks this month.

* Camp Meade Road, limited to single-lane traffic during the past week, will continue to be limited to one lane at Transmission Court during the next several weeks.

* The Orchard Road crossing has been eliminated at Broadview Boulevard.

* The railway intersection at Glendale Avenue, which has been closed for upgrades, soon will be open. The Archwood Avenue intersection has been permanently closed. The crossing at Linden Avenue will close for two weeks during October or November so that the intersection can be realigned.

* The trestle bridge at the intersection of Hollins Ferry Road and Baltimore and Annapolis Boulevard will reopen to one-way traffic going into Ferndale within the next couple months.

* Ferndale Road in front of the fire station soon will be closed for a month.

* Third Avenue at Broadview Boulevard will be closed for several weeks for a crossing upgrade.

Cat survives shooting in Brooklyn Park

A Brooklyn Park man reported to police that someone shot his cat with a pellet gun Thursday.

George Nelvin White, 45, of the unit block of Walton Ave. said his cat, Smudge, was shot in the chest and had to have surgery. The operation cost $150, Mr. White said.

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