Son of Phil and Jean Thomas of...


October 05, 1992

BRIAN R. THOMAS, 12, son of Phil and Jean Thomas of Sykesville.

School: seventh-grader at Sykesville Middle School.

Honored for: His work at Piney Run Park. Every Tuesday in the summer and one day each weekend, Brian answers phones and helps care for the park animals. He helped build the hawk cages and helps to clean them. He feeds the animals and takes care of the snakes, turtles and mice in the children's room.

Goals: To become a naturalist. "I want to work with snakes. I want to tell kids about snakes and animals and things."

Comments: "I like to keep snakes as pets. I had a snake egg that I hatched. I kept the snake a couple of weeks and then let it go outside my house. It was a black rat snake. I like holding them and I like to see them."

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