East Columbia

October 05, 1992

Street islands in Huntington to get spruced up

"The Huntington Project" is coming to Kings Contrivance with a very simple mission: making Huntington a cleaner more beautiful community.

Concerned by what they see as the "lack of shine" in their neighborhoods, a group of residents met recently to discuss what could be done to spruce up neglected traffic islands which have become unsightly trash collectors.

Under the Huntington Project, residents are adopting four street islands which will be cleaned, edged and planted with flowers Oct. 24, Community Service Day in Maryland. Maintaining the islands is expected to be an ongoing project.

The Kings Contrivance Community Association is hoping the project will spread to its other neighborhoods, Dickinson and Macgill's Common. Interested persons are asked to call Amherst House at 381-9600.


* Kings Contrivance: 9000 block of Early April Way:

On Sept. 19, someone broke the passenger side window to a 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity.

* Owen Brown: 9200 block of Berger Road:

Between Sept. 26 and Sept. 28, someone stole the front and rear tags of a 1989 Ford Clubwagon at a rental car lot.

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